Bright Moon

Under the Shadows of a Waxing Gyel

The Gyel moon is waxing, half full but illuminating the stone standards of this glade you’ve found near the remains of Westhold on Isle Draum. Thin, wispy clouds pass over the moon’s radiant face, reminding you of the storm that recently passed.

You’ve been following the howls. Tracking them to this place. But all that surrounds you here is dancing shadows, blood, and death. A simple cart lays propped against an ancient-looking stone slab, the contents a dirty pile of random bones. The sickening smell of rotting flesh stings your nostrils as you can’t help but repeatedly glance at the partially-mangled hanged bodies of three would-be moonfolk dangling from a tree branch, their feet torn off at the ankles, their eyes pecked out.

The shadows tease the corners of your vision, distracting you from the grisly scene. But the otherworldly motion stops just as soon as you hear what was distant howling instead looming much, much closer…


Four weary adventures we led to a clearing were a gruesome scene overwhelmed their senses. Suddenly, they were beset upon by a pack of aggressive and hungry wolves, who distracted them from the troubling scene at the top of the hill. The wolves would not relent, yet they were kept somewhat at bay by the protective magics employed by Sionn.

Unfortunately for the group, something awakened the old bones collected here and animated them. Sionn mustered more of Gyel’s grace to destroy the living dead, but in so doing earned a mark of scorn for relying too heavily on the otherworldly might of his patron.

As more wolves rallied to the call of their kin, Cotter spotted a crevice leading down into the hill. One by one the adventures disengaged from the advancing wolves, but poor Vala—the last to fend off the hungry beasts—was overcome and dragged away just as the last of her companions entered the fissure.

How now does the group save poor Vala from being torn to pieces by the savage creatures?

Under the Shadows of a Waxing Gyel

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