Bright Moon

Return to Westhold

You return to the small, marshy town of Westhold—once a thriving community of sailors and those that associate with them, now a closed community of trappers, traders, and ne’er-do-wells. Across the river from the rise that once held the Westhold fortress is a small, maze-like raised wooden platform. Below are the tidal swamps of the Rud River, where dozens of boats used to moor. The few docks that are left standing now hold a gathering of riffraff. In place of the once impressive ships are flat rafts and long poles. Instead of crates, sacks, and barrels of goods, there are squat animal skin tents. The smell of burning pine is the only welcome to your senses.

Sionn and Cotter both have navigated the difficult task of entering this closed community before, remember that Bolli Draumborn is the man to talk to. He’s the one that asked you for information about the wolves. He’s now the ones that owes you answers.



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