Bright Moon

Return to Westhold

You return to the small, marshy town of Westhold—once a thriving community of sailors and those that associate with them, now a closed community of trappers, traders, and ne’er-do-wells. Across the river from the rise that once held the Westhold fortress is a small, maze-like raised wooden platform. Below are the tidal swamps of the Rud River, where dozens of boats used to moor. The few docks that are left standing now hold a gathering of riffraff. In place of the once impressive ships are flat rafts and long poles. Instead of crates, sacks, and barrels of goods, there are squat animal skin tents. The smell of burning pine is the only welcome to your senses.

Sionn and Cotter both have navigated the difficult task of entering this closed community before, remember that Bolli Draumborn is the man to talk to. He’s the one that asked you for information about the wolves. He’s now the ones that owes you answers.

It's a wolf! It's a man! It's dead either way.
Dead wolf guy

Surrounded. In a hole in the ground. Wolves, zombies, and some creepy bones all trying to kill us. This is how our fearless (cough) adventurers (cough) found themselves at the start of our latest episode. Oh, did I mention one of them was lying on the ground, surrounded by said wolves? Well, that’s what was happening. Luckily for us she’s strong as a bull and tough as a rock. Jumping into holes in the ground is not her forte, but fortune smiled as this is a skill not needed when your goal is smashing in wolf faces.

Willem vaulted from the hole ready to dash in and aid Vala. Sioon was at a loss as how to follow Willem’s actions as he thought the intention was to stay in the hole and hide from the wolves, zombies, and bones, as any smart adventures would do (right?). The wolves continued to advance and then our dashing heroes, Willem and Sioon, decided to meet the advancing wolves head on. Willem read a poem which encouraged Sioon’s hammer to strike true. Vala got to her feet and the three of them went on a wolf killing spree. Actually that didn’t happen. Willem got beat down pretty hard (contrary to popular belief, wolves are not fans of poetry) by the biggest of the wolves and both Vala and Sioon took their share of wolf bites. Oddly when turning to the approaching zombies and crushing one in the process, the largest wolf transformed into a man and started pummeling one of the zombies along with the group. The whole time he was babbling on about working together to stop the impending threat. Was there a greater meaning here, or was he just talking about the battle?

So many questions to ask the man. Where to start? The answer was easy. He died. Rather than sit down over a nice fire and partake in good wine, good food, and good company, he pummeled a zombie into a black pulp, then passed out…then died. Yes, we all know the cleric should have done something, but he and his god were having a spat, so he didn’t really want to get into any healing stuff right then. So Vala, Cotter, Willem, and Sioon buried him in a hole on the side of the road. Oh, yeah, Cotter was there too. He decided to take a nap in the hole while all this was going down. Something something bones…something something overwhelming chill. Ranger was taking a nappy nap in the hole. It has been noted.

Now our brave band finds themselves on the road back to town. What to tell the villagers? Crazed wolf-man crushed zombies into a black pulp…but don’t worry; we think they are all dead? We’ll see how that flies…

Rescuing a fallen warrior

In the crevice beneath the hilltop, you can hear the screams of Vala as she struggles to fight against the unbeatable odds of an entire wolf pack. Dragged away from the opening at the last minute, Vala mustered all her courage and training to channel her inner tortoise and just survive.

What can you do to help her?

Under the Shadows of a Waxing Gyel

The Gyel moon is waxing, half full but illuminating the stone standards of this glade you’ve found near the remains of Westhold on Isle Draum. Thin, wispy clouds pass over the moon’s radiant face, reminding you of the storm that recently passed.

You’ve been following the howls. Tracking them to this place. But all that surrounds you here is dancing shadows, blood, and death. A simple cart lays propped against an ancient-looking stone slab, the contents a dirty pile of random bones. The sickening smell of rotting flesh stings your nostrils as you can’t help but repeatedly glance at the partially-mangled hanged bodies of three would-be moonfolk dangling from a tree branch, their feet torn off at the ankles, their eyes pecked out.

The shadows tease the corners of your vision, distracting you from the grisly scene. But the otherworldly motion stops just as soon as you hear what was distant howling instead looming much, much closer…

A Gathering at Westhold

This is the introductory story arc for the Bright Moon campaign. The following in-character text should be treated as an introduction to the story that is about to unfold.

Near the ruins of the city of Westhold, you have gathered with other travelers, journeymen, drifters, and cast-abouts for reasons all your own. Westhold is located on the western most tip of a peninsula jutting out over the Deep Sea. It briefly held great import among the Five Realms as a primary port of departure to the Lands Across the Sea. But after the Great Death, it was ransacked and burned, leaving little if anything behind.

Still, wayward vagabonds pass through here on their way north or south because the roads are some of the safest around, which is not to say they are safe by any means. Also, the reputation of the local Campmaster, Feelyx, as rumor monger has made its way to your ears.

The three wayward travelers—Sioon, Cotter, and Ezra—came upon the floating village of Westhold on the Rud River, or what is left of the former port city. They met Bolli Draumborn, who seemed like captain of the port guard. Bolli was friendly but reserved in his interactions with the travelers. After a lengthy negotiation in which the group attempted to gain favor of Bolli of the purposes of entering the village, the group was given a task to prove their worth.

We deal mainly in deeds here. Such disheveled travelers as yourselves likely have nothing material to give us…

The village leaders, Bolli revealed, deal in information, rumors, and knowledge rather than treasure and wealth. He gave the group a task: Find out what you can about the happenings at the ruins above the village—the old fort of Westhold—and in return, the campmaster may grant them entry into the village.

The group then made the climb to the top of the hill where the fort once stood. Now just a ruined shell, it became immediately apparent to the group that someone, or something, had taken up residence. Cotter attempted to move in for a closer look, but the path toward the keep was booby trapped. Stuck to the ground, Cotter lost the element of surprise and the group had to switch tactics.

Ezra and Shioon negotiated with the fort guards. They learned that the occupants claim to be members or otherwise affiliated with something called the Old Ward. Shioon has lingering memories of tales of an ancient, lost religion but does not know the details of their beliefs.

Weary from their adventures, Shioon and Ezra decide to take the Old Ward guards’ offer of board for the evening in lieu of discussion in the morning’s light.


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