BRIGHT MOON is a land torn by forces of nature… and super-nature.

The shadows cast by the waxing moon were long and dark. They seemed to move more swiftly than a man could know. Dancing, almost, like panthers seeking a small doe. A flash of slivery moonlight reflected off of Ursbane, but the greatsword was too slow in response to the lightning-quick blows of the shades. Geris of Grenthorn bled from a dozen wounds as he slumped to the floor.

“Take his sword and his mark. Leave the rest for the scavengers,” a voice from the shadows whispered. “We must move quickly before Luna sleeps.”

Bright Moon is a realm where the Moon is much larger and closer to the Earth. Aside from the physical consequences (much stronger tides, longer eclipses of the Sun, brighter nights), superstitions are more strongly tied to the lunar cycle.

The realm of shadow, however, is equally prominent in Bright Moon, and the dark forces of the Owb terrorize much of the countryside. The phase of the new moon is especially terrible and most people do not travel during the utter darkness.

Historical contact with the people across the narrow western sea was limited until recent times, when the Last Empire boldly and some say foolishly attempted to conquer the western lands. As spoils of their conquests, they brought back Moonfolk—shapeshifters able to assume many different animal-like forms. Unfortunate for the easterners, the Moonfolk also brought with them an unknown disease, which ravaged the empire and left most settlements in ruin.

Now its population has dwindled to a fraction of what it was, scattered across the islands. The Last Emperor has died without defeat at the hands of a worthy adversary, leaving the line of succession broken. A scramble for power has beset the land; disunity and anarchy rule the present. The survivors of the Great Death scorn the Moonfolk, who have fled into the ruins of towns and the dark corners of forests, seeking refuge from persecution.

Core values

  • The world is fantastic, but most of the fantasy is superstition… or is it?
  • The environment is extreme, but sanctuaries dot the landscape.
  • Humans are struggling for survival among the other denizens of the world.
  • History is cherished and protected as if it were more valuable than fine jewels, because it is.
  • Great treasures of the old Empires have been lost, but their stories not forgotten.

Bright Moon

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